For personal or professional reasons, you decided to take off for a few years ? Then one material and tricky question arises: what to do with all this stuff amassed during decades ? Furnitures, souvenirs and daily beloved object: no way to stuff it all in one suitcase ! In that case, why not call on private individuals to store your belongings ? An alternative solution at once practical and economical !

Co-storage, how does it work ?

As you are searching for a place to store your furnitures during your trip abroad, do you know that thousands of people, including some near you, have a spare room (cellar, garage, attic, conservatory, inside room) available for loan for a fee ? Welcome to the universe of co-storage or the storage between individuals ! Indeed, this alternative solution offers to connect individuals wishing to store and those having at their disposal a storage space ready to use in case of a move for example.

Why choosing to rent a storage space to an individual to store your furnitures and souvenirs ?

Classic storeroom, private storage, or co-storage, all these solutions are designed to offer you, for a fee, spaces to store your furnitures and souvenirs. However, co-storage makes a point in matter of flexibility and cost! As a matter of fact, by means of this alternative storage solution, you will be able to :

  • Choose the premises that suits you and your belongings better
  • Choose the best storage place geographically
  • Only pay the volume that your belongings occupy and not a standard predetermined volume
  • Discuss directly with the owner about the storage terms and conditions. You can also stay in touch with him throughout the length of the storage
  • Change your mind two days before the date of the beginning of the storage without any fee

The price remains very competitive : it costs 60% less than a classic storage space.


Are you interested by the co-storage ? Proceed as follows !

The storage space rental between individuals has been popularized by the means of the online platforms of co-storage. These allow you to easily get in touch with individuals having at their disposal a ready-to-use storage space. Besides their convenience, these online platforms also guarantee a certain safety : Get a secure online payment facility, and an insurance in case of damage. However, be careful on this point : check the clauses before signing it. You can also contact the owner before any commitment to make sure of his reliability.

You want to resort to this way of storage during your stay abroad ? It is very easy : you can visit You will specify first the storage place and dates that you want. The website will then propose you the available storage places while specifying their characteristics (conservation conditions, location securing, accessibility). The feedbacks of co-storers that already stored their belongings there will help you to chose your best storage place. You will then be asked to take an inventory of the stuff you wish to store, allowing you to only pay for the actual space you occupy. The first monthly instalment will only be debited the Thursday before the beginning of your contract, allowing you to cancel the storage in case of a change of plan of last-minute.

Feel free to visit the i-déménager website if you want to request a move estimate as soon as possible !

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According to your wishes

For personal or professional reasons, you decided to take off for a few years ? Then one material and tricky question arises: what to do with all this stuff amassed during decades ? Furnitures, souvenirs...